Five Practices

Five Literacy Practices

Talk - Talking to children teaches them the richness of language and helps them learn new words and information. Talk to children in the language you are most fluent in. Children learn by listening to their parents and others talk.

Sing - Singing is a natural way to teach children about words. The rhythms in song help children decipher individual sounds and syllables and helps children to decode print. Singing increases children’s awareness of and sensitivity to the sounds in words. Singing slows down language so children can hear the different sounds that make up words.

Read - Reading aloud (shared reading) is the single most important way to help children get ready to read. Reading together increases vocabulary and general knowledge. 

Write - Writing is reading put into action. Children learn important skills by writing and drawing. Writing an reading go together, as both represent spoken language and communicate information. 

Play - Playing teaches children how to think, imagine and express themselves. Playing is one of the primary ways young children learn about the world. Playing helps children express themselves creatively and put thoughts into words.